In my 30+ years in the real estate/development  business, I have worked with no engineer that was more thorough, experienced and knowledgeable. Ed pays attention to the details, and the design that Ed and his team create are well conceived. Very importantly, Ed and his team understand the need to meet both timeline and budget constraints.

A true professional, and great person.


Kyle Riva


Alexander Investments International


I have known Ed Mazur, professionally, for four decades. We have worked together on many real estate development projects for mutual clients over those decades, he as head of a civil engineering firm and I as a lawyer. In addition, we have been business partners struggling together with other partners to make a project a success. Testimony to Ed’s successful engineering and business management skills are more than adequately represented in the record of his consistent successes throughout those four decades.

The two most special things I want to emphasize about Ed Mazur and his character as a professional colleague and a business partner are two crucial things: integrity and reliability. In forty years of working together, Ed Mazur has demonstrated to me again and again in stressful and difficult situations that his integrity is solid and unshakable and that, consistent with maintaining his integrity, he will do what is necessary when necessary to reliably deliver on his promises. 

I wish Ed and his partners and employees the very best with the new engineering and permitting business and look forward to working with him in the future.

A. Edward McGintyShumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP


Ed Mazur is an encyclopedia of local knowledge in the fields of civil engineering and permitting work.  Few people have the experience, vision, business acumen and drive to accomplish what he has in this market during the past 40 years.  Anyone interested in development in the greater Tampa Bay area, and ensuring it is done on time, and on budget, would be well served to make him a part of their team.

Timothy D. Woodward
Partner, Board Certified in Construction Law

Shutts & Bowen


I have practiced as a Land Use Attorney in Pinellas County for the entirety of my career. During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with Professional Engineer Ed Mazur on countless occasions. The matters that we have collaborated on have ranged from small and mundane, to some of the most sophisticated projects in Pinellas County. I can assure you that without exception, Mr. Mazur displayed professionalism and the highest level of technical proficiency. I can give an unqualified recommendation for Mr. Mazur as a consultant.

E. D. Armstrong III

Hill Ward Henderson Attorneys